søndag, januar 08, 2017

Latvian mittens

My mother gave me the best Christmas present ever. It was a knitting book full of patterns for Latvian mitten.
I just had to go down in my dungeon for to look after the thinnest wool yarn I knew I had. And I found some colours that would fit for my project. Thereafter I had to start looking up the thinnest knitting needles I knew I had somewhere... They are 1,5 mm thick.
Then I could start up. After a while I found out that the needles I used was not good to knit with... Thin knitting needles like theese ones in metal was bending in all directions, and it was a nightmare. 
So in the middle of the night I went on the internet for to buy some new unbendable knitting needles to knit with.
They arrived very quicly, I received them just after two days. And of course I had to buy some extra needles in 1,25 mm too. Theese needles in carbon are just wonderful to knit with, I have several sizes of theese ones, and I just love them. They are expensive, but they are worth every penny.
I started on theese mittens 28. of Desember, and I was finished with the mittens today. I am a really fast knittter , but... hi-hi.. I had to go to work also. But I just love theese mittens, and they are so mine.
I thought they would be thin to wear. But they went really thick: You go on with 3 threads of yarn alle the way, they just had to be thick. 
 The roses is even on the both sides too.

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Berit Stormarken sa...

Nydelige votter. Så den boken på et marked før jul. Den kan jeg tenke meg. Ha en fin dag

Gerd sa...

Takk skal du ha Berit. Fin dag til deg også <3

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