mandag, juni 12, 2006

Someone Who`s not afraid of heights??

I`m afraid of heights... and i`ve got a major problem.
I have been wondering a long time how to solve it, but can`t find no way to do it.
So now I`m asking you folks out there.

The case is: the globe is hanging in a rope. And this rope is quite old, and have to be rather rotten!!
Only God knows how long our globe has been hanging there!! ..hmm... some milliards of years, maybe??
I`m worried about how long it`s since the rope has been changed?? Hello, is it anybody out there who knows that??
In theese days you got to have sertificate about things you can do. But I don`t belive that there is anybody who`s been educated as a ropechanger... entreprenours, hello, educate yourself.

There are so many earthquakes and div. stuff like that happening out in the big world. So now I`m worried about us, falling down... the rope can`t stand it all??

And then there`s the second question: where do we fall when the rope goes off??
I can tell you that: I don`t want to fall in to the big nothing.
Hey!! I got a life to live (for a looong time) `cause I enjoy life...

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