tirsdag, november 21, 2023

Preparing for Christmas marked

 Been a busy Bee. So not so much updates. 
Her are some of this years production for Christmas marked in my hometown.

Got totally in love with my sewing machine, and i got a lot of fabric to use. No pattern used, all is in my head. I tried to  draw it down but of course I fail, so theres some missing links ;)

Crocheted Christmas stars, not quite finished i need to make them double, and put in some led lights

A cup og tea? or four cups of tea?

Crocheted mittens. They are very warm in use

Some knitted and felted mittens and some knitted slippers

Some of the work for handfelting, like i remember my Great grandmother and Grandmother used to felt clothing.

And I made myself som mittens in two end knitting.

onsdag, mars 29, 2023

Baby booties

  • ❤ Made some baby booties  Think they are very cute😍Im definitely gonna make more of theese. Theese booties was just a test😊😉

søndag, februar 26, 2023

2023 work

 Some of my work this year. Seems like i always need to work on something. And yes, thats right. I cant sit still🤣🤣🤣.

It is soon going to be a marked in town, and i need to have something to sell out

Crocheted mittens with Norwegian pattern

Knitted slippers

   A tablerunner in progress
A little bear, hopefully soon with a new owner
Some goodie bags with rabbit faces

fredag, desember 23, 2022

Crocheted Christmas stars

I`ve been making some of theese stars now. Maybe i will take a break in making for some monts now?
I think the pattern is lovely and easy going. 

I`ve also sold some of theese stars on Christmas marked. And of course i have given some of theese stars  as a present.
The crocheting is easy going. but the stiffening of the stars takes a lot of my patiensce. I want all to be a quick fix. Still got some stars left to stiffen 😒
All the stars are made double. I have used led light, so it is not dangerous to use. 

sigh... stiffening is extremely boring.

and at last a heart for all of you, for the hope of love and peace all over the world. 

And with this heart I wish you all a peaceful Christmas, with the hope of a world with no war, no hunger and end of illnes.

mandag, november 07, 2022

My very very late extreme update

 Hi Lovely people 💕

Long time since I have done anything with this blog. But during the Covid-19 I have been really busy at work this period. I`m so sorry for not updating.
Im also sorry for the photoes are not so good. I lost my Nikon camera last summer. Maybe i put it away somewhere, or someone has borrowed it from me forever😔
But life goes on, and so do I. 

Still knitting and crocheting, and sewing. In April this year I bought a new quilting machine. I got blown away...and cant say anything but WOW💝, i felt deeply in love with this machine, and i was mentally blown away. This is my new darling 💝 and the best gift ever to myself.

So I started to get to know the wonder macine 😁testing out all the new technology
I started to make a couple of tablerunners:

Finally managed to finish a crawling mat for baby. it took only 6 years to get it done. My shoulders was aching so much when i had the old machine. Only thing left to make was the diagonal stripes and the edging. It is difficult to see the pattern because thread is the same colour as the fabric: 

A new table runner: 

My bloody project: Got a kay sax, which says all. So when you are eager to do something... make sure you do it the safe way, not my way 

But the fabric (used denim) did not get stained though

The outcome of my bloody evening, a new table runner:

BO-hoo Haloween project: 
And my lastest table runner with bling:

 And i promise it wont be som long time before i put out a new post. Next time it will be knit and chrochet.