lørdag, september 04, 2010

Colin Fry show in Tromsø

16.august 2010 it was a Colin fry show in Tromsø. I just had to get there, because I`m really a big fan of him. And as an extra present: T.J.Higgs were there too,... Big smile all over my face, do I need to say more??? Look at the photo, I`m touching both of them (even bigger smile). And my dad sent me a reminder: You need to take care of the heating system at home, the winter is soon coming. If I was alive I would have done that for you (the message was not correctly written here, but i reconized my dads nagging if there was someting he knew had to be done). My mum told me that I don`t have to drink to be funny, after the show I was in Heaven, clapping my hands and just laugh about everything and anything... at last I was to se my heroes for real :)))))) (while looking at the photo I saw it... oh...my god: I need to colour my hair :)

Me and my mum took Hurtigruten from Hammerfest to Tromsø, and during this trip we:

Knitted of course... nothing new about that.... by the way it was a strange weather, it was really snowing (in the summer?) Jepp... it Is true. I have never seen snow soooo early in the summer before. It is early even to be in North norway.... have a look at Tromsdalstinden (In Tromsø).

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