tirsdag, november 21, 2023

Preparing for Christmas marked

 Been a busy Bee. So not so much updates. 
Her are some of this years production for Christmas marked in my hometown.

Got totally in love with my sewing machine, and i got a lot of fabric to use. No pattern used, all is in my head. I tried to  draw it down but of course I fail, so theres some missing links ;)

Crocheted Christmas stars, not quite finished i need to make them double, and put in some led lights

A cup og tea? or four cups of tea?

Crocheted mittens. They are very warm in use

Some knitted and felted mittens and some knitted slippers

Some of the work for handfelting, like i remember my Great grandmother and Grandmother used to felt clothing.

And I made myself som mittens in two end knitting.

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