onsdag, mai 25, 2016

For a little Princess born autumn 2015

Also made some clothes for a little Princess. Most of theese clothes are from old patterns and not for sale.
Think I`m done making baby clothes for a while now.

Made of scrap yarn, bits and ends.

tirsdag, mai 24, 2016

Clothes for a little baby prince.

In January this year I became Grandmother to a little boy. I`ve been doing some knitting during 2015 for this little one. Of course he`s not to be cold when there`s a knitting Grandmother around.
Got a lot of old patterns,  they are no longer for sale or not in use.

Theese were popular for about 35 years ago. And his mother can`t wait for to begin to use them on her little son.

Hooded jacket with zipper, also made with two small pockets.


fredag, oktober 30, 2015

Lovikka mittens

Same pattern, different colours. The first ones is knitted in a soft alpacca yarn. And the second ones is knitted in ordinary wool yarn

Selbu socks

Knitted a pair of sock with selbu pattern. 

onsdag, oktober 28, 2015

torsdag, oktober 22, 2015


Knitted some slippers.

Size: adult man

Womans size

Russe sokker

In Norwegian we call theese socks Russian socks. That is because of the heel.

Socks... my own design again

When you got som scrap yarn and other leftovers...just start knitting :) 

These sock are in my drawer... seems small, but they fit me perfect.